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For over 30 years, Resource Center has been a trusted leader providing programs and services to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) community and all people affected by HIV and AIDS. As times have changed, so have the needs of the communities we serve.

To meet the growing demand for LGBTQ-focused programs, Resource Center added youth programming (Youth First), expanded our seniors program (Gray Pride) and in partnership with Southern Methodist University, doubled the size of its mental health counseling program. At the same time, the Center is committed to maintaining its extensive services for people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Resource Center successfully completed its $8.7 million capital campaign to build a new community center and headquarters near the intersection of Cedar Springs and Inwood Road. 

The new community center is designed to accommodate the current and future LGBTQ-focused programs.  The Reagan and Brown office and community space, renamed the Health Campus, and as part of the capital campaign, was remodeled to consolidate HIV services, nutrition services and the food pantry in a location familiar to these clients and historically significant to the North Texas LGBTQ community.

Community centers have historically played an important role in the gay community, providing safe places to gather and find “families of choice.” Even with society’s evolving acceptance of LGBTQ people, community centers remain necessary to forging these deeply meaningful connections. Until our LGBTQ friends, neighbors and families are given the legal recognition they need and protection they deserve, Resource Center will continue to be a vital community service provider.

For more information, contact Cameron Hernholm, Chief Development Officer, at 214-540-4421 or Send Email