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Health Insurance Assistance

Resource Center provides access to PrEP Care Services and the opportunity to enroll in Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage.


1. Consultation

Reach out to Resource Center to initiate the process. Our caring team will guide you through the steps and explain how our partnership can benefit you.

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2. PrEP Services

Access Resource Center’s expert PrEP services at Nelson-Tebedo Sexual Health Clinic. Our experienced professionals will provide education, testing, and ongoing support to ensure you stay PrEPped.

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3. Partner Pharmacies

Obtain your PrEP medication from our partner pharmacies, a convenient and essential step to qualify for our insurance premium coverage.

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4. Health Insurance Enrollment

Resource Center’s knowledgeable team will help you explore different health insurance plans and options. We’ll guide you through the enrollment process, ensuring you choose coverage that suits your needs.

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5. Affordable Premiums

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the Resource Center will cover your monthly insurance premium (under $300) as long as you continue to access PrEP services and pick up your medication from our partner pharmacies.

Let us help you


To speak directly with our Insurance Partner, PrideLife, please call 844-527-6771

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