Statement for 303 Ruling

Resource Center, the primary LGBTQIA+ community center in North Texas, is disappointed by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. This decision opens the door to discrimination against LGBTQIA+ individuals in public accommodation by some types of businesses under the guise of “free speech.” This is a setback for equality and justice in our society and sends the message that LGBTQIA+ Americans, along with members of racial, ethnic or religious groups and individuals living at the intersection of identities, are second-class citizens under the law. The ruling impacts businesses that offer customized expressive messages, such as those that create wedding websites. 

“No one should be subjected to discrimination or denied access to services simply because of who they are or whom they love. By labeling discrimination as protected free speech, this decision endorses the notion that businesses open to serve the public can discriminate at will. This decision is wildly out of step with national public sentiment and public sentiment here in Texas.” said Resource Center CEO, Cece Cox.

Over the course of the last four decades, we, along with LGBTQIA+ advocates, have fought tirelessly to advance equal rights. While today’s ruling is a step backwards, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting and advocating our community’s rights.

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