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HIV/STI Testing & Prevention, Gender-Affirming Health Program, Medical Case Management for HIV clients, PrEP care access, Lab work and vaccinations
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Sexual Health & Prevention

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Resource Center’s health and wellness programs play a key role in preventing disease, improving health, and enhancing quality of life in the LGBTQIA+ and HIV/AIDS communities.

At Nelson-Tebedo, the Center provides culturally competent programs including HIV and STI prevention services, PrEP, and gender-affirming care. Comprehensive prevention services include outreach to at-risk communities, HIV testing, STI testing and treatment, lab work and vaccinations.

The Center’s highly-trained staff are experts in HIV and STI testing and treatment. The HIV testing program is focused on gay and bisexual men or other men who have sex with men (MSM.)

At Nelson-Tebedo, appointments for gender-affirming health care and PrEP are available via telemedicine. Call 214-528-2336 for more information.

There is routine HIV/STI screening, but no Thursday walk-in testing. The HIV/STI testing appointment line is 214-393-3700.

Tests, Treatments and Fees

Nelson-Tebedo offers FREE At-Home HIV Tests for existing clients or anyone who would like to perform the test on their own.

For more info please call 214-528-2336 to pick up your kit for an easy and private way to get tested and know your status!

Confidential Rapid HIV Antibody Test and HIV Early Detection Test with a Syphilis Test:* FREE.

Focusing on men who have sex with men, this free screening includes the following: (1) rapid HIV antibody (detects HIV after 3 months) test, (2) HIV early detection RNA test (detects HIV after 11 days) and (3) a syphilis test. Results for the HIV early detection RNA test or confirmatory HIV-positive test and syphilis test available in 7-10 business days.

Anonymous** HIV Antibody Screening: $90.

*An HIV test and some other STI tests require a blood draw. Nelson-Tebedo does NOT offer HIV oral-based (mouth swab) or finger-prick testing.

**Anonymous testing collects no personal identifying information. Confidential testing collects your name and contact information which is protected by State and Federal privacy laws. Anonymous testing is only offered for HIV screening.

Testing (both included): $40.

Treatment, if required: $40.

Screening for HSV I/HSV II: Please call Nelson-Tebedo at 214-528-2336 for screening costs.

Treatment not offered. Please see your primary care physician or other health care provider if your test is positive. 

Currently offering FREE Syphilis testing.

Low-cost treatment available, if required: $40. 

Nelson-Tebedo does not test for or treat HPV. Please make an appointment with your primary care physician. 

Screening for Hepatitis A/B/C: $100. Individual Hepatitis testing available: $40 per test.

Treatment not offered. Please see your primary care physician or other health care provider if your presumptive test is positive.

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