Court-Appointed Community Service

All community service volunteers must have a referral from the Volunteer Center of Dallas, the Day Reporting Center of Dallas, the County of Denton or on the advice of an attorney.

Volunteers must ensure that Resource Center is approved by the referring agency or supervisor for their case. Resource Center accepts only non-violent offenders and no one with an offense against a child.


All community service volunteers must have the following:

  • Time sheet
  • Name of probation officer or attorney
  • Phone Number and fax number or probation officer or attorney
  • Case Number

The first step to volunteering is to submit an application. Once your application has been submitted, the coordinator will contact you as needs arise. For further questions contact Deborah Cavazos, Volunteer Coordinator at 214-540-4497 or Send Email.

Food Pantry: task includes stocking shelves, checking clients in and checking clients out, assisting with donation pick up and maintaining a clean work area. A volunteer shift requires flexibility to perform various tasks as needed, work well with others, and have a good attitude.

Hot Meals: Volunteers assist in the kitchen, serve food, wash dishes, and perform other tasks necessary for safe food handling. Flexibility and patience are key; volunteers work in close proximity with each other and with clients. Attention to detail is also important since this program is monitored by funding agencies and the county health department.

Attire: Volunteers must wear clothing appropriate for a kitchen environment: closed-toed shoes, T-shirts, jeans, and a ball cap or hairnet.

Resource Center will make a reasonable effort to accommodate community service volunteers by providing adequate training, program opportunities, and computer hours tracking for those who enter the program. Resource Center, its staff or volunteers are not obligated to create special accommodations for individuals who do not follow the instructions of the program, or those who do not allow reasonable time to complete their hours. Placements are not permanent either the supervisor or volunteer may terminate the arrangement if not agreeable or acceptable at any time.

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