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GLSEN 2017 School Climate Survey in Texas

What is Out for Safe Schools?

Oot for Safe Schools (OFSS) is a program of the Los Angeles LGBT Center and a comprehensive anti-bullying training program designed to equip teachers, administrators and school staff to be visible LGBTQIA+ allies. Educators and school staff that have completed the training are given OFSS rainbow badges and lanyards. This visibly signifies their willingness to talk about LGBTQIA+ issues and concerns and provide support where needed. With these badges, staff members become mobile “safe spaces” and reach students beyond the classroom, throughout the school day.

What is the goal of Out for Safe Schools?

According to research from GLSEN, LGBTQIA+ students in Texas face high rates of bullying and harassment on campus. 

  • 92% of LGBTQIA+ students in Texas regularly heard “gay” used in a negative way.
  • 85% of LGBTQIA+ students in Texas regularly heard negative remarks about gender expression.
  • 73% of LGBTQIA+ students in Texas regularly heard negative remarks about transgender people.
  • Nearly half of LGBTQIA+ students in Texas regularly heard school staff make negative remarks about someone’s gender expression. 

Out for Safe Schools is designed to reduce social and emotional risk factors for LGBTQIA+ youth on campus by creating visible allies. These allies advocate for inclusive policies and climate that allow LGBTQIA+ youth to thrive in safe and supportive school environments. 

Our Sponsor

With no public funding available in Texas for programs of this kind, Resource Center is grateful for the generous support from our friends at Toyota Financial Services. Without Toyota, OUT for Safe Schools would not be possible.

Want to Bring OUT for Safe Schools to your District?

OFSS is a program of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. We encourage school districts to contact the Los Angeles LGBT Center if you would like to know more about the program. Contact Kevin McCloskey at outforsafeschools@lalgbtcenter.org