Voting in Texas 101 Guide


Are you wondering just how the election is going to work this year? Trying to get #VoteReady
and make sure your voice is heard this November? You are not alone! Voting is easy and this
year, more than ever, it is important to plan your vote!

Step 1: Are You Registered?

Yes? Not so fast – make sure your registration is up to date!
Head over to to check the status of your
registration. Just click the “Are you already registered?” link!

No? You’re in the right place! Check out this page to make sure you qualify and get an
application: Texas does not accept
online-only applications. You’ll need to either fill in the information, print and mail it; or,
you can stop by your county registrar in person.

Not sure? Check out this page: Just click the “Are
you already registered?” link!

Moved recently/need to update your info? Easy! If you moved within your county of
registration you can change your information by using this website:

If you moved to a new county, you will need to register with your new county as if you
were a new voter.

Remember, the last day to register is October 5th! Any later than this and you are out of luck.
Don’t wait until the last minute!

Step 2: Make your Plan to Vote!

You have options when it comes to how you are going to vote!

Texas has extended early voting this year. It is set to begin on October 13th and will run
through October 30th. During the early voting period you can vote at any early voting location in
your county. Bring a friend – better yet, bring two!

Want to vote by mail? Texas law allows those 65 and over, those with a disability or those who
are out of the county for the whole election period to vote by mail. Check this handy page to see
if you qualify and steps to request a ballot by mail:

Remember! The last day to request a ballot by mail (if you qualify) is October 23rd.

Your application must be received on this date, not postmarked!

If you plan on voting on election day make sure you know the date: November 3, 2020!
Depending upon your county of residence, you may need to vote in your designated precinct on
election day to make sure they have you on the roll. Your precinct is usually listed on your voter
registration card but they can sometimes change. Not sure what your precinct is? Consult with
your county registrar!

Step 3: Know what you need to bring!

Almost there! You’re registered, you’ve made your plan to vote and now you are ready to make
your voice heard. What do you need to make that happen?

Texas law allows for you to bring one of seven forms of ID with you to vote. If you are voting in
person, either early or on election day, check this list to see what is acceptable.

That’s it! You did it! Thank you for voting and making your voice heard!
More questions? Check out this FAQ on voting in Texas!
Or, contact Patrick on Resource Center’s Advocacy team:

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Voting in Texas 101 Guide

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