Resource Center Launches SexyHealth Mobile Unit

As a leader in HIV prevention and health services for 38 years, Resource Center is taking services on the road with a new, mobile testing unit. The bright blue, yellow, purple and green will deliver comprehensive and innovative services in Dallas and surrounding rural areas where sexual health resources are needed most. The Center is addressing head-on, the challenges of accessibility, transportation, and stigma in the fight against HIV.

“SexyHealth is love on wheels! LGBTQIA+ individuals, particularly those who are Black and LatinX, face discrimination and stigma in seeking culturally competent health care. Also, many in Dallas do not have access to transportation. This state-of-the-art SexyHealth mobile van brings compassionate and skilled care into underserved communities, with the goal of improving health.” Resource Center CEO Cece Cox said.

The SexyHealth Mobile Unit staff for North Texas
Resource Center Prevention Staff. From Left; JP Cano, Lava Brown. Timo Cervantez, Jalenzski Brown

As the number of new HIV cases continues to rise, the Center is dedicated to eliminating barriers such as accessibility and mobility that prevent people from taking control of their sexual health.

“I often think, you know, with all the resources that we have available to us in the fight against HIV, why are we still having such high numbers of HIV infection rates throughout Dallas County? So many Black and Brown folks are testing positive for HIV, and so we thought about how can we pack what we do up and make it more accessible,” said MPowerment director Jalenzski Brown. “One of the common challenges that we hear about people accessing HIV testing is transportation issues. Getting to a space that they can actually access the testing, but then also getting to a space that doesn’t feel like a clinic or they’re going to be judged or stigmatized for accessing the services.”

With the resources provided through the SexyHealth mobile unit, the Center aims to help deliver human connection with peace of mind. “I’m most excited about the expertise, knowledge, love and experience that brought SexyHealth from a dream to reality,” said Cox. “Resource Center staff who are frontline healthcare providers and community-builders designed the van and its strategy to serve communities. Access to health care is both an LGBTQIA+ and a human rights issue. SexyHealth will make a positive impact across our city.”

The SexyHealth mobile unit will provide a wide range of sexual health and STI prevention services including; free HIV testing and low-cost testing for other STIs as well as linkage to care and treatment. Safer sex tools such as condoms, lubricants, and PrEP will also be available.

Inside the SexyHealth Moble Unit where STD and STI Testing happens

SexyHealth and launch in the coming weeks. It will set up at various locations throughout the North Texas area and be available for community events. The unit will be accessible via phone and a website that will facilitate requests for the mobile unit to visit a location or event and provide education about safer sex practices, STIs, HIV and safer-sex resources.

To learn more, visit or For questions or to set up an interview about the mobile unit, please contact Jalenzski Brown at

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