A Youth First Story

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Meet Kamryn and Taye, who identify outside of gender norms. As young teenagers struggling to fit in and make friends, they were both referred to our Youth First program—Kamryn by their therapist and Taye by their school. That’s when serendipity struck, and their paths crossed. Kamryn and Taye instantly clicked and became fast friends.

With the power of their friendship to give them confidence, Kam and Taye started venturing out to our events, including the Youth First Pride Ball Prom, Halloween Lock-In, Creative Works Summer Program and more. Two years later, they’re regulars at many Resource Center events.

These besties plan to share an apartment when they are 18. In the meantime, both Kam and Taye credit Resource Center with sparking their life-long friendship, giving them a sense of belonging, and helping them thrive. “This whole place, like, basically saved my life,” says Taye.

This is what happens when LGBTQIA+ teens are allowed to exist as themselves amongst like minded peers. They are able to create relationships that extend beyond the reach of Resource Center and Youth First which ultimately sets them up for success and helps them thrive.

In 2021, only 1 in 3 LGBTQIA+ youth found their home to be LGBTQ-affirming.” That’s why your donation is so important—it provides life-saving, life-changing and life-affirming services for the kids in our community. Please give if you can, it could help kids like Kam and Taye find eachother.

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