Rental Space Code of Conduct

People from many communities share space at Resource Center. Guidelines are in place to maintain the Center as a safe and comfortable space for everyone.

The following are examples of unacceptable behavior. Individuals engaging in these behaviors will be asked to leave. Illegal activities will be reported to the Dallas Police Department.
•    Rude, discourteous or raucous behavior
•    Use of inappropriate or discriminatory language
•    Possession, sale or use of illegal substances
•    Possession or use of weapons
•    Sexual harassment or inappropriate touching
•    Sleeping in meeting rooms or common areas
•    Theft or vandalism
•    Sexual or financial solicitation
•    Physical violence or threat of physical violence
•    Photographing or filming without prior authorization from the Center’s communications manager
•    Behavior that endangers the safety of any individual or group
•    Using Resource Center for other than its intended purpose
Everyone should be able to use the restroom of their choice. As part of the Center’s commitment to a supportive and inclusive environment, the Center’s restrooms are open to everyone regardless of gender. Single, non-gender specific restrooms are also available on each floor.

Your support of keeping the Center a safe and accessible space for everyone is appreciated.

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