Supporting LGBTQIA+ People in DFW with Safe Spaces, New FaCES and Healthcare Places

Resource Center is proud to have served the LGBTQIA+ and HIV/AIDS communities in Dallas-Fort-Worth for four decades! From a grassroots advocacy group, to the front lines of the AIDS crisis, to witnessing marriage equality, fighting for transgender rights, and opening the first LGBTQIA+ affirming senior housing in Dallas; we’ve been here through it all and will continue to grow, fight and love alongside our vibrant community.

Providing LGBTQIA+ Health and Wellness

When you need health care, trust Resource Center to provide reliable information and compassionate care in an affirming setting. Our health and wellness services include:

Thriving LGBTQIA+ Families and Communities

Our strength as a queer community and network of families grows when we support each other. At Resource Center, we are committed to helping LGBTQIA+ people heal and thrive. Our new Family and Community Empowerment Services (FaCES) features social networks, family-focused programs, grouped-by-age gatherings and community activities.

  • Therapeutic Support
  • Transformative Conversation
  • Trauma-Informed Mindfulness
  • Positive Peer Connections
  • Creative Self-Expression
  • Community Education Groups

Fighting for LGBTQIA+ Rights

Our vision of equality for all LGBTQIA+ people is powered by our volunteer network. Writing and calling local, state and national elected officials, appearing in-person to make our voices heard, and standing up as a loud-and-proud community can make a difference—and Resource Center is committed to fighting until we win.

• Defending gender non-conforming students’ rights
• Protecting parents who support their LGBTQIA+ children
• Preserving reproductive rights for all
• Educating people at LGBTQIA+ hostile workplaces

Give Today to Help Us Help Others

For many LGBTQIA+ folx, the services at the Resource Center are life-saving, whether they need health care or a sense of belonging. That’s why your donation means so much, and why we hope you’ll choose to include us in your giving plans.

Offering Gender-Affirming Services

Based at the Nelson-Tebedo Sexual Health Clinic on Cedar Springs, Resource Center’s gender-affirming services include assessments, HRT, mental health counseling, clearance letters, social networks and group gatherings. Get in touch with a gender-affirming care specialist today to start putting together your tailor-made plan.

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